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Tupelo Honey Sticks

Tupelo Honey Sticks 5g.
Tupelo Honey Sticks 5g.
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Tupelo Honey Sticks 5g.
Honey sticks filled with Tupelo honey from Wewahitchka FL., the heart of Tupelo honey country. This year, barges were built, hives loaded up and sent into the Tupelo flats. Getting it done the old fashioned way!

*Honey fun for the whole family!

*Kids love 'em, adults love 'em!

*Filled with pure Tupelo honey.

*Great way to get Tupelo honey without breaking the bank.

*Perfect for gift baskets or be selfish and keep a stash of them for yourself!

*For your tea, hot or iced.

*5 grams of Tupelo honey.

Honey Sticks for your honey 'fix' without getting honey on your kicks! Bee Blessed


50 pack Tupelo Honey Sticks
50 pack Tupelo Honey Sticks
Still fun honey only more of it! 50 pack of Tupelo honey sticks so there's enough for the whole family! Keep them on hand for after school or take them in your backpack to get a shot of energy during practice. Tasty!
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days