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 Raw & Unfiltered Creamed Honey with Peanuts & Sea Salt 8oz
Raw & Unfiltered Creamed Honey with Peanuts & Sea Salt 8oz
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Pure honey, raw, unfiltered and creamed (called spun honey or whipped honey) is a finely crystallized honey product that spreads like butter at room temperature. Add to it peanuts and sea salt and it becomes a healthy and YUMMY treat! Get out the whole grain bread and bananas! Another great honey creation from Peace River Bees

Peanuts are a great source of protein & extraordinarily high in polyphenols ~ the "Hercules" in the antioxidant family. Sea salt, because it is unrefined, contains all of the 84 beneficial live elements found in sea water & provides the necessary nutrients and protects the body from the harshness of sodium chloride consumed from commercial salt. This special handmade gourmet honey makes a terrific gift for the sweet ones in your life! Bee Blessed (This is a house specialty. May require extra production time)

Can't keep the nephews out of this stuff!