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 Raw & Unfiltered Creamed Honey with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 8oz
Raw & Unfiltered Creamed Honey with Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 8oz
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Product Description

Pure raw unfiltered, creamed honey (called spun honey or whipped honey) is a finely crystallized honey product that spreads like butter at room temperature. Add to it organic Ceylon cinnamon (with 5% oils) and it becomes an even healthier treat! My favorite? On raisin bread toast. Wow. Another great honey creation from Peace River Bees

Honey in medicine.

It's been found that a mixture of Honey and Cinnamon can be used in helping to remove the symptoms of various diseases and can be used without any side effects. Here's the "short" list of afflictions that can be helped by taking Honey and Cinnamon (as researched by western scientists): heart disease, colds, arthritis, cholesterol, bladder infections, indigestion, weight loss, fatigue and bad breath.

This special handmade, gourmet honey makes a terrific gift for the sweet ones in your life! (This is a house specialty. May require extra production time) Bee Blessed